More than just a painter and decorator - need your social media updating?

Not just a painter then?

I've been doing my cycling blog for years. Must be over ten years now in various formats. Just do it for the fun really; more of a diary than anything else. I get a few thousand hits per month, which isn't bad for a very specific blog.

A few years ago I got asked to do the online advertising for a Volkswagen garage, which worked well but was only ever going to be short lived. They had some old stock that they wanted to move on, and had gotten stumped in how to advertise it. Really, they had.

Anyway the other week I was approached by Meldon House and Home in Oxted with the question; can I update their Squarespace web page, enhance their social media profile and write a weekly blog of shop activities?

Certainly, why not. I've been doing it for two weeks now and feel as though we are getting somewhere with it. It's kind of fun as well; beats writing the same old, same old, about my ageing bikes and limited bike routes.

Meldon House.

Please ask.

If you are stumped with your web page updates, or indeed need a blog / advertising ghost written, then do please call on 07577 836145.