More Redhill handyman jobs....

This time a little plastering.

I was asked to help out at the neighbour of one of our friends. They'd had a plasterer around, who'd hacked out a big hole.... and then never came back, so they were left with this:

How a professional plasterer left a job

What a mess. They'd got themselves all upset, so essentially as a favour I popped around to fix it. It's not the type of thing you want on show when all your family come around at Christmas is it? And that was their problem really; you try getting anybody around to do this small a job at any time, let alone Christmas.

I'm happy with jobs this small. Sure they take time, and effort, not to mention materials (you cannot buy quarter bags of plaster for instance). Yet the homeowner was really happy that their horrid mess ended up like this:

How an amateur finished it.

Sure a professional plasterer would have done a much better job of it, in half the time I took. But there's the rub; no professional plasterer has the time to do this type of thing. They are just too busy. My work is probably 80% - 90% as good as theirs, so I'd not make a living doing this. However, my amateur effort is way, way better than how the job was left originally. Once painted this will blend in nicely, and nobody will ever notice it, unlike the bare, smashed block work.

One other thing; there was no parking in this location at all. Just yellow lines everywhere. I'm guessing a professional would look at this, think "parking ticket" and drive away.

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