Riding in the footsteps of Churchill.

Chartwell, Westerham.

The other month I was walking in the footsteps of Bill Bryson over in the Blue Ridge Mountains, so this week go up a notch; ride through the gardens of Churchill's residence at Chartwell?

The why was my boy being at a birthday party nearby. He was going to be there for three hours, and I was damned if I was going to make small talk whilst he was enjoying himself. Took my bike, went for a ride.

Paint ball

There was no route idea; just the vague notion that the big woods at Chartwell must hold some secret trails. On rides over to Biggin Hill, you see these big woods down in the weald. They must hold something?

Random Strava activity.

Secret trails.

They did. The trails were such that if you lived there, they'd be a fun diversion for an evening. If you'd cycled in, and found them by happen-chance, they'd be fun for an hour or so. If you're travelling in specifically to ride them? I'm in two minds here. The views and historic atmosphere were, and are, utterly fantastic. Those woods are beyond lovely. As a ride? Bit pants in many ways. My children and wife would love it; easy going, meandering nature.

Actually most of my route seemed to bounce around a four mile, circular walk out of the town. Now, imagine this; breakfast in a cafe, go for a walk, lunch in a pub.

The woods around Chartwell

Looking at Chartwell itself

Westerham itself.

Been here lots, so it was no surprise. If you've never been, well why not? Lots of cafes, pubs, hotels. It's also rich. Some proper big houses. I rode the fence line of one; their garden cost more than my house, and I live in a nice road in Surrey.

Naturally the local bike shop didn't have a bike rack for my car...

Fitting a bike rack to my car