The OKLO seatpost from CRC. Oh dear.

Bought an OKLO from CRC around November time. It was a great price, at something like £150, and had had some reasonable reviews, even though one did suggest that the head came lose....

Fitting was simplicity itself, taking around ten minutes. The first ride suggested promise. I liked it better than my Reverb. Praise indeed.

Then I did something silly. Got the bike wet. From then one the actuating mechanism was sometimes beyond stiff. It became a bit of a pig to use.

Then I did something even more silly. I used the dropper four times. Four rides seems to be its' maximum duration. Sorry? Well the head came lose you see, on my fourth ride. Sent it back, got it fixed. CRC are great at warranty returns it must be said.

Fitted the newly repaired post to my bike.

Four rides in, the head came lose. Those four rides were up and down Route 21, so not harsh. Sent it back, got a new one.

Which I've not bothered to fit since getting it back.

I like CRC. Great prices, great products, great service. Just don't rate the OKLO. Mine has been ever so rubbish.