Turning my garden into an allotment; week 7.

Sorry, no images or real story here. I've left the garden alone for a month now as the Bluebells are just coming through and I don't want to disturb them*. I have, however, planted the odd onion, of which there are twelve growing, and some tomato seeds. Go garden, go!

My Poundstretcher plants? Two died off, meaning my £2 bargains are now £4 bargains. I'd not recommend Poundstretcher for plants though. They seem a bit weak and fragile. Much better for (cheap) gooseberries so far has been Wilkinsons. Seem really good quality, and only £3 a plant against £10 in some crummy garden centre. Indeed I've not been into a garden centre for a month. They just seem sad, depressing places full of winter clothing. I'm not convinced people go to them to actually buy plants any more. No more than people go to Marks & Spencers to buy clothes.

Anyway, s'all go isn't it? Onions, tomatoes, what next!

Total spend this week; £3 on some indoor seed trays.

Told you it was a bit boring, this week 7.

*It has incidentally been very wet at times, and stunningly cold in the wind. This has nothing to do with my stopping indoors in the warm. Nothing at all. More tea vicar?