Turning my garden into an allotment: week four, the weather. Some positive cash flow.

Ah, progress has gone from hero to zero. The ground is rock solid now, thank's to freezing temperatures. All I've done is buy a book and magazine [£20 total] and have sold a wood store for £80 to a neighbour. Not totally convinced that selling a woodstore is part of the allotment plan, but I needed the space and income, and they needed the store.

One of these stores went. Patio gradually coming back to us.

The book and magazine? Thought I needed some help as to schedules and what to do. Both items do that, certainly, giving me a month by month, blow by blow account. But by heck, how interesting do you think a book about vegetables is? True it is more interesting than most mountain bike magazines, which I've stopped bothering with now. However, I sat down with a beer to read the book the other night. Within five minutes I was off daydreaming. Luckily my mate PP turned up at the pub and saved me from veggie hell.

The book certainly has some good advice, but it's a thing to dip into now and then. Or to read if you need a good sleep. Perhaps next year I'll be more interested in it, although a little voice inside my head tells me that I'd be a saddo then if I did.

On a positive note the first person from my family to venture into the garden recently was my eleven year old daughter. She commented on how spacious it was looking. 

Scoping out the competition.

I've been looking at allotments. Oh dear. Whilst all of this home grown stuff is good in principal, all of the allotments I've seen seem to take the view that form should be the total inverse of function. That is, if you can make it ugly whilst still growing stuff, then you've failed; why not make your allotment really ugly? It seems to me that quite a few of these people have gone out of their way with the ugly stick approach. I can appreciate that once you've dug it over for 40 hours, then a quick tidy may be a bridge too far. However, a tidy now and then would not go out of order would it? I can see why people would be put off growing stuff. Not only is it an effort, but aesthetically the whole thing is a challenge too. I'm not convinced allotments have to double up as tips as well?

Spend this week: £20.

Income this week: £80.

Total spend: £168 spend - £80 income = £88 spent.