Black cat missing from Redhill - reward offered.

Three years ago we took in a stray; a very friendly black female. Loved getting into cars, vans and lorries. Nightmare. Anyway, the inevitable happened one day; she went missing. I'm not convinced, but our neighbour took a taxi to Heathrow on 20th Nov, the day she went awol...

£100 reward, goes by the name Wilbur or Dinner. Amazingly friendly, very intelligent but also very stupid. Brilliant climber, and a very adept hunter - record being nine birds in one day. Totally black, yellow collar and bell [although that could have gone missing by now]. Is chipped, recently lost her name tag on collar - she kept ripping them off. Appreciate the chance of her still being alive is slim, but hey, she was my mate.

We've done all the usual; letters to houses, looked in gardens with a torch, walked the area [that was depressing], put posters up, lost pets web page, vets, Twitter. Ton of stuff really. I've had cats die on me before, and had a good few put down due to sickness, yet this is the first cat in around 40 that has just gone missing. I guess she either got unlucky, or pissed some neighbour off once too often.

And yes, a blog read by Americans is hardly likely to help. It's my last chance effort really, the one thing I've not done so far.

3/1/2015 update: nope, no Wilbur. Heard absolutely nothing, which seems odd. No little dead body in the road, no cat stuck in a neighbour's house. Can play the guessing game as to what happened to her, but given that she is known around here, is chipped, and yet has not turned up I fear the worst for our little friend. Poor little dear, she was such a lovely animal.