Trail pixies and headphone users. Geeze, give me a break.

Headphones and trail pixies.

It's Tuesday. Regular readers, all two of you, know I don't work Tuesdays. Children to take to school you see. Anyway, it's generally a DiY day, or working on my website, or drawing up new t-shirts. Today was "repair some architrave" day. Got to 1pm, waiting for some glue to dry, why not go out on the bike for an hour or so? Well why not! Got a nice new Howies jacket to try.....

Hit the bridleway, turned off to the cheeky quarry trail for the steep drop, about to ride down it, massive tree trunks placed upslope by trail pixies. They didn't fall there, but had to be dragged quite a distance and then hauled up quite a steep slope. Why? Sure I've no right to be there, but why go to all that trouble to spoil somebodies innocent fun? It's a crappy old sand quarry full of junk like broken chairs from the school. A tramp used to live there. It's not like we're destroying anything or hurting anybody.

Gripe number two was the man walking up Reigate Hill with the two dogs. The dogs were on a lead, but he'd done that moronic thing where the lead connected the two dogs together, so one dog was walking the other and he had no control.

That was bad enough, but he was also wearing headphones. There I was, calling a cheery series of "hellos" to him and he didn't turn. Took some time to notice the headphones. What do you do? I was already pretty shouty by then, so his volume control was on maximum whilst his common sense was turned off. Naturally I selected to ride past him.... just as he moved to the side of the double wide we were on.

As a rider I'm supposed to give way to pedestrians, which I am more than happy to do, it's nay bother. Yet sometimes, just sometimes, they are utter twats.

These two minor gripes aside, it was a pleasant hour out, and sometimes that's all you need. The Howies jacket was lovely, there are bluebells sprouting everywhere, and my architrave glue was dry by the time I got back. Judicious use of an hour I feel.

And just as I got home PP turned up with his new Orange 5. Well it's a 2009 model, but you know what I mean. His gears needed fettling, so could he borrow my work stand? Sure buddy, anything to help. It didn't half suck though; him having a joyous full day riding all over the Surrey Hills on his fine, new to him bike, whilst I just had the measly hour. First world problems eh?