Things that mess with your head; Steve Worland dead.

Steve Worland dies of a heart attack.

You know those days where things happen, and they make you really sad, even though you've never met the person? Steve's death is one of those days. Followed him for years through the mountain bike magazines. Here's an older guy still doing it, still being rad, still enjoying the life.

Heck he's dead at 58. This is an uber fit guy doing his thing. He could have smoked all of us, rubbed our noses into our weekly local ride. He was, to a large degree, my mountain biking hero. Read his articles thinking that if he could do it, ten years older than me, then there's hope for a few years at least.

Never met him, but my ride today will not be quite the same somehow.

The only times I've ever been stopped in my tracks by the death of a person I've never met; Elvis, Kurt Cobain, Senna and now Steve.