How to fix your own bike - no more bike shop hassle?

Wife came home today and pointed me in the direction of a place in Merstham called Bikes Revived.

I'd seen some bikes for sale in the local Mall, and it seems that it's all part of a charity thing aimed at getting people onto bikes. OK so far, and there are a few of these places popping up here and there. But what caught my eye were the open afternoons in shop where for a small fee you could take your own bike into their workshop, use their tools and fix your bike under the watchful eye of a Cytech trained mechanic. Now that is interesting and got me thinking of all the times I've taken my bike in for repair for want of specialised tools that I don't own. It still hurts having a wheel built for £130, when I supplied the hub.... And I've fitted headsets to motorcycles before, but failed on my mountain bikes simply due to lacking a decent press. Anyway, most jobs on a bike are relatively easy to do once shown, and that's where having a Cytech trained bod handy really moves this thing on for me. Once the place is up and running, count me in!