Wednesday morning? Time for a bike ride then.

Over the weekend I rode to Eastbourne, which is around 160km from here off road. Fairly hard ride but in no way a killer, not by a long shot. Kind of felt OK afterwards, if a little tired. No real aches - only one being my arm, but that was where my daughter practised her martial arts on me. Note to self; she may only be ten, but she's now in the final stages of black belt training - when she thumps, you know you've been thumped.

So, how soon can I be on a bike again? How long before I'm fit enough to ride?

Turns out to be pretty much instantly. I wasn't sure though so tentatively got my bike out this morning, the Tassajara that I'd used over the weekend. Not confident I'd be keen so popped out for a local spin in jeans, t-shirt and trainers. No helmet, food or money. Just local. Up the road, felt fine so why not climb Reigate Hill? Sure, why not. Easy. Not too muddy, so why not carry on and see what the view is like from Colley Hill. Well, if I'm doing that....

25 miles later, slightly muddy, slightly thirsty, I'm home. It was easy and without luggage the bike felt really nimble. Indeed it felt brilliant to be on the bike and I'd go so far to say that I needed to be on one just to work my legs. Not for me any simple 20 mile rambles now on.

So, no recuperation needed. Just get out and ride. How cool is that?