Simonetta Bike Tours..... Large groups of Italians, on bikes, in Surrey?

Rather oddly on my travels around the Surrey bridleways I've bumped into large groups of twenty or so middle aged Italians, all on hired bikes, clearly being led on what look like long bike tours. Initially I thought they were doing the London to Paris ride, but today made me think; well if they are doing that, then why are they on Reigate Hill? And why do I see them over at Caterham? I should have asked but at the time I was zipping downhill, blithely jumping tree roots*.

I did look at their website Simonetta Bike Tours but it didn't help; too much information. I'd love to know what they are doing. Come on, if you have a choice between Tuscany or Redhill which would you chose?

Ah. I've just checked the website again; Royal Tunbridge Wells to Reigate was on the itinerary for today, along leafy lanes. They seem to do easy 50km days - although given the age and rotundness of some of the people, 50km may be a lot. Actually I'm being mean; after all, when was the last time I rode to Paris eh? Seems an interesting concept their tours, and I'm impressed with the numbers that they attract. Can you imagine getting 30 lardy Midlanders with arteries full of pork scratchings doing a ten day, 65km per day bike ride anywhere? Must say I can't, so I'm very impressed with the Italians. Especially seeing as how a UK Postman would wince at the weight of their bikes as they look boggo basic fitted with panniers. It's nice to see 20 or so middle aged people jabbering away in Italian whilst struggling up Reigate Hill. No, really, it is. Makes a pleasant change around these parts, and I think local business should cotton on to them passing through.

* For 'jumping' please read this as: crashing into them at a medium speed in a slightly out of control manner.