OMG! The trails here in Surrey have turned to dust.

It's been a long time coming, but finally we're having a summer here in the UK. By a "long time" I mean several years since we've had sun in July. Last year it just rained, and for some time we'd thought this year would be pants.

And it's nice. Of an evening all the street kids get together playing games, and the musicians leave their windows open whilst they play. Half of our road were born outside of the UK, so when they start to cook I start to salivate. But mainly it's great to be out on dry bloomin' trails. On the Orange 5 we now have a rear Racing Ralph for speed. Wonder how long that'll last on the flint ;¬)

But being the oblique cyclist, I've been looking at blogs from around the world. One that caught my eye was a posting from Jasper in Alberta, a town I know quite well having been there a few times over the years. Their entire summer lasts just over a month, and hasn't happened yet. Refreshingly it's still snowing there, and in today's 32 degree C sultry heat it's a nice thought, a touch of proper cold. But then bet they've not got women walking around in see through dresses have they, or sunbathing topless in the local parks? Glorious mountain vistas or semi-naked women? Tough call.

Sorry, I've digressed away from cycling.

Bad, bad boy.