New logo for Muddy Ground. Warning: hand drawn Mini van content.

OK it is a work in progress, but I kind of like it. Long way from finished yet, but so far this represents three hours work. Yup, I spent three hours drawing this with a pencil in a cafe. And people wonder why having a small business eats time....

So far no bike theme to this, but that's next on my list. Not totally convinced that I've got it here; mainly because the only model of a Mini I have is one of those tiny Mattel things bought from the local toy shop. Must try harder.

Now, when wife gets home how am I going to explain my day to her?

3 hours later: Now play spot the difference..... Tad hard to get the Mini essence but I think image 2 is almost there. Drawing improved through the simple method of buying a magazine with a van feature.

12/06/2013: Huh. For all of you out there that think it just a photoshop image blagged from some photo, here's he original.

As you can see it's neither photoshop or a technical drawing, but a real honest-to-goodness drawing by a real person. True I did use a ruler and compass, cheat that I am, but 90% of it is by hand with my tongue sticking out. I just use photoshop to add the colours and remove the guide lines. It's also not traced from a magazine page or photograph. You could easily do that, but it would look subtly different. You can tell photoshoped images pretty quickly.