Gemini 850 v. C and B Seen 1200 lumen.

I own the Gemini and the C and B Seen. How do they compare then? The C and B Seen unit is around £40, the Gemini £140. Are they even comparable?

I'll keep it short; the C and B Seen unit wins in all departments except quality, and for £100 less I can accept that fault happily enough. The C and B Seen blitzes the Gemini in light output absolutely, and at the end of the night that's all you care about on the trails isn't it? Oh and the bigger light doesn't have the annoyingly tiny switch which is really hard to find at night. My only gripe with the C and B Seen package is the battery charger, and that for no real reason other than I just don't like the look of it. It charges just fine. Well it would if I hadn't thrown it away - seem to have a few decent chargers lying around.

I'd be hacked off with the Gemini if I'd had to pay full whack for it. My Gemini cost £70 though, which is an acceptable price given that the battery alone retails for £45. In an ideal world you'd get one of the Chinese lights and then pop off to an hobby shop and get a decent charging unit that you can trust, or perhaps buy from MTBBatteries or Magicshine in the first place. Really £80 is enough to spend to get you out there giving this night riding thing a go. The Gemini is nicely finished, has a waterproof battery and a good charging unit. However, the C and B Seen is also available now with a waterproof battery, although probably not a Panasonic unit, and a wide angle lens as standard for £50. Horrid to look at, budget manufacture, but easy to use, and with strong lighting. Suits me. For less than the Gemini retail for as sole units you could have two cheaper Chinese lanterns.

Having said all this, which one do I reach for these days when I'm off for a spin out where I may or may not need a light? Those rides starting in light, but which may extend into dusk now and then?

The Gemini. Quality literally shines in this instance.