New t-shirt design - Box Hill / Headley Heath 2012 Olympic circuit

Well I've finally gotten around to putting a new t-shirt design into production. Kind of got a bit waylaid by life, but managed this month to submit it to October for printing, and as usual they've done a stirling job. It shows the 2012 Olympic road route up Box Hill via the Zig-Zags and then around Headley Heath. It's a popular route for cyclists now, I guess part of the Surrey Olympic legacy. I tried not to do it in the style of a certain organisation, but my wife, having been there, said straight away what she thought it was. D'oh!

Anyway it'll be on this week and the first ten orders I will do at £12 including UK postage. Available only on the sport's grey.

Of all my t-shirt designs, this one is perhaps the most subtle, the one that takes a bit of thinking. I used French as it passes the vinyards of Dorking, and, well, it's a design touch of mine. I'm tempted to hand paint the cyclists jersey....