James Bond Skyfall movie review.

Watched it last night. It was boring and a bit depressing.

I know, I know; everybody loves it but for me it was an excuse to run small errands around the house. I just didn't get it.
  • What was the digger thing on the train about? That whole bit achieved nothing.
  • He was shot twice, both with heavy calibre bullets. Why wasn't he a complete mess?
  • The thing about people getting old and dying was a chore to watch and a bit depressing.
  • The bad guy who shot him; what was all that crap about him breaking into a building and shooting a no-name character, who was at the time surrounded by four killers from the same group? Why go to all that bother when they could have done the job ages ago with less risk.
  • The bad guy who shot him; originally when Bond was at peak form he couldn't hold a feather to this guy. Yet now, a physical mess, he kills him in about twenty seconds?
  • The central female character, don't get it. She had sex with Bond then was shot. Real character development that.
  • Tube train crash - my seven year old boy could recreate a more convincing scene just using Lego.
  • Don't get me started on how obvious and shallow the whole M dying plot line was.
  • Q. He just gave Bond a gun and then allowed the bad guy access to the network. I'd sack him.
  • The central baddie. Noel Coward or Jim Carrey would suggest he'd overacted the part.
What an utter load of cock.