OMG I'll just have to sell a kidney... again. The Shan 917.

I bring you the best looking bike ever; the Shan with the 917 paint job. Helps that it is in the best colourway, but even so, what a machine. Roughly £700 for the frame though.... and that gusset on the downtube looks gash, but what the heck, can't have everything.

Love the look of this trail. Here in the United Kingdom we have, quite literally, not seen dry trails for a year now.

Anyway, kidney for sale. Heavily abused for two decades, ever so slight a blood loss problem now and then back in the good old motorcycling days, but thought to be fine now.


And although good, there are a few things that I could teach that rider. Where's the trepedation, the panic braking, the stopping short of every single jump and subsequent walking around them? He clearly doesn't drag the back brake for miles and as for dropping that seat down; what's all that about? Saddle must always, repeat ALWAYS, be higher than the handlebars ;¬)