A new fender for a mountain bike - the ass saver.

Ah. Saw the Mucky Nutz version, then remembered that I'd seen something called an Ass Saver last year. Why not buy the original from Sweden? It's only £10 delivered. This is a fender that fits to the saddle rails and provides a degree of splatter protection. The web photographs looked great, so I bought one.

Ah. Can't say I hold much hope, can you? Indeed can you even see it?

Still it only added 19g to the bike meaning it is still sub 30lb....

But I do actually like the notion. It's cut from a flat piece of plastic and is really, really simple. May well buy a Mucky Nutz version. Actually I may not seeing as I've just ordered in a few sheets of the plastic that this thing is made of for £1 a sheet.