Search Engine Opromisation for your webpage.

I'll be frank here; my web page has had declining hits for ages now and I got a bit depressed over it. Kind of gave up on the thing, and it dropped to a daily average of one hit recently, sometimes zero. Now that's pants so off I went and bought a book on SEO for web pages.

Do you know what? Did it work? Did it heck. Didn't understand a word of it and it made me worse. I've got the web page, got the book, but still get no hits. Pah, piffle, go have a beer.

So, have I given up on it all? Actually no. I was talking to a woman a few weeks' ago about how just having a web page does not bring instant wealth. That in essence they are hard work to get going, and even harder to maintain. I left it at that, passing my depression on to her. Now the Eureka! moment only came the other day. My website is dying because I've let it die. I've not promoted it, and neither have I changed it or updated it for perhaps a year. My words to this woman were the truth, but a truth I'd ignored myself.

Here you expect me to say I went back to the SEO book and learnt how to do it, and now have an inkling as how to get more hits. Well you'd be wrong. But what I did do was say to myself; instead of wasting time on Facebook, this blog or the Singletrack Forum, if each time I went to look at those, instead why not do some work on my website? Stop prevaricating, stop engaging in displacement activities; do some bloomin' update work for once!

I still get very few hits, fair play, but the hit rate has improved slightly and I feel my web page is a better place, something that better reflects what I do. I'm happier with it as it also looks much better. I'm even happier that instead of reading some stupid, and frankly pointless forum tosh, I've invested my time in something productive.

So folks, if your web site is dying, if it's a bit dated, then stop wasting time. Just do some original work on it that better reflects where you are at this moment in time. And this includes changing all those boring meta thingies. I've changed most of mine to essentially random words! Not the done thing in that SEO book*, but I figure if the clever people are doing what the book says, then all search results will include the same terms and the same results. I'm not saying mine is any good [it's still just an EKMPowershop template], but hopefully it stands slightly out from the crowd.

Go on; stop reading this tosh and do something positive. I guarantee that will improve your life.

*I've since gone back to that book and have diligently worked through it. I've looed at competitor's sites, I've studied their wording and have made some changes accordingly. Must have spent three days on the thing. Now get an average of five hits per day. Not great is it? It certainly doesn't reflect well on the quality of the t-shirts, and so I'm a tad disappointed. I'm also bemused as to how some pages get hits - they do everything wrong according to the book! Perhaps I'm placing too much faith in SEO for Dummies and should perhaps either get a different one, or pay somebody to improve mine.

But then looking at other t-shirt sellers I kind of realise now that only having seven different designs isn't going to generate many hits in the first place! Have you seen how many designs some places have? Hundreds! Bugger that.