Muddy Ground and his t-shirts.

Muddy Ground only exists to manufacture and sell t-shirts.

I started the t-shirts as a bit of fun when writing copy for a guy selling VW campervans; I was writing, so why not draw something as well? I drew up my orange campervan using good old pencil and paper. It took ages, and oddly it is the same process I use now. It just seems to produce a better, more organic looking design. Plus doing it on the computer using something like photoshop is enormously dull. Have you tried mixing and moving pixels lately? Man that sucks. Better draw it, then rub it out and do it again with pencil. Furthermore with pencil and paper there are no restrictions on when you draw the thing up. Even my kids can get involved.

So, Muddy Ground, what are you talking about? Get to the point man. Well this week the sun has come out and it is hot. People are in t-shirts once again. Specifically the past two days I have bumped into quite a few people wearing my design. Not friends and family give-always either. Normal people who have bought them. That's just brilliant. Indeed initially it is very odd, seeing something familiar and personal walking down the road. Initially I can't quite put my finger on why the person looks familiar, and then it hits me. My design! Funny but it has invariably been my North Downs map one. It used to be the campervan but I think people are kind of getting the map one now.

So thanks people; I really do appreciate your wearing my designs.

Now you may think I'm making oodles of money from this, but I'm not. I'm a bit down financially, with perhaps three designs breaking even. Bastard Child Zombies hurts, but it's still my baby. But like you I thought by now I'd be rich. I even registered for VAT; they must love my tax returns every three months. The last one they paid me £18 back! Well worth the effort. But quite frankly the money side of it, whilst annoying, is more than compensated for in seeing a happy smiling face walking down the road. It sounds coy, but until you've been there and done it, you can't appreciate how nice it makes you feel. So, now I'm off to do another.

Happy days indeed.

I must be happy with it all, as if you Google "Muddy Ground" only gobshite Jenks comes up. Right, some serious chain oiling to do, so I'm off now. But remember, buying one of my t-shirts does little for my bank balance, but it does make me happy and it does mean that the UK printing industry is kept alive and kicking.