Cycling specific clothing - cheapest places to buy?

One of the cycling magazines has an article on cycling tops. Which one to buy kind of thing. Now this all well and good, but who actually spends £40 on a bamboo t-shirt or £105 on a merino top? I don't. Why would you?

Last time I was on Snowdon, Gelert had a sale on and their bamboo t-shirts were £12, and they are blooming' brilliant. No smell and they carry sweat away. They look good as well - certainly as good as the £40 Steve Peat version. I mix them on colder days with long sleeved wicking t-shirts from TKMaxx, again around the £12 mark. Being none cycling items they are multi-use, so on cycling holidays I use them as normal t-shirts in the evenings. Just wash them in the shower post ride, and they dry real fast.

I've also seen waterproof cycling jackets at upwards of £100, going to £300, recommended by Singletrack. Yeah right, that's me. Again TKMaxx comes to the rescue. I got a Nike fully waterproof and breathable gore-tex running jacket for £70. It works brilliantly as a cycling jacket, especially as it has ventilation zips in the underarms and is coloured dark green. This was a lucky buy, but for years I used a gore-tex golfing jacket that I got from them. Being a golfing item it worked very well, although I did look like a pensioner.

So if you need new tops, don't just Wiggle them, think laterally. Any outdoor shop sells these new wicking tops, so you could try Blacks or Milets. Gelert gets my vote though. £12 is a bargain.

Oh and whilst I'm on money and cycling clothing. Have you seen the Brompton range of jackets? Looks like a wrinkled up suit jacket but costs almost £300. Looked at one in Evans and before I saw the price I thought it poor value whatever the cost - the buttons were not very well attached even in store, and the quality seemed poor. The one in store looked like a charity shop item for a tenner. Honest, it was shite poor quality. Some people must be easily parted with their cash is all I can say.