Was this you? Naked cyclist spotted in Kent by a Mr Long. One assumes the cyclist was called Mr P Nisshead?

Walker shocked by semi-naked cyclist on Shorne footpath

Graham Long’s photo of the man he caught riding his bicycle half naked
Walkers have been warned to be on their guard after a half-naked cyclist was seen on a footpath.
Graham Long, Gravesend's town centre manager, is a keen amateur photographer and was enjoying his day off by taking pictures of heritage trail walks organised by Towncentric, Gravesend's tourist board.

The 43-year-old was walking on a public footpath towards Shornemead Fort, Lower Shorne, when the man cycled past him - fully clothed.

He was yards away from a Metropolitan Police firing range when the man greeted him before cycling ahead about 150 yards and then disappearing into some bushes.

Moments later, he emerged naked from the waist down with his clothes in his hands and looked back towards Mr Long. He then cycled off, at about 1pm last Thursday.

Mr Long said: "I was shocked and stunned but at least it was me who was able to report it as opposed to an elderly lady or a dog walker."

A Kent Police spokesman said there had been reports to community officers that a white man, in his 40s, was riding a bike wearing a cycle hat and top but nothing else.

Muddy Ground can't but help feel that this person really needs one of my t-shirts ;¬)