Too dry for March but there are advantages for a mountainbiker.

It is unseasonally dry here in the UK, and rather warm - fifteen dregrees C above where it should be. Normally this time of year snow threatens and we have frost on clear nights. Now people are wearing flip-flops and having BBQ's. It has not rained properly since last year, so the trails are drying out. More so really as the spring months see plants emerging and the trails disappear under fern growth. But not this year - plants and trees are actually dying back. This is bad for the eco system but good for mountain bikers. Around here in Surey we often have severe bog like areas that are for the main part impassable. This especially so near the M25. Now, however, those trails are drying out and providing us with the use of existing link pathways that have previously been hike a bikes. Near here there is a stretch of boring double track for about two kilometres; OK if you want a chat but not exhilerating. Now today I managed to use an old area of bogland and avoid this double track entirely - 2km of new singletrack!

And with the plant life dormant or in recession the steep banks that we have all start to look appealing as drops between existing singletrack. One in particular that I've been doing for some time never had a natural fall line, and you had to wind through bushes in an odd way. Now I can drop down a relatively steep path through trees, then emerge onto a bank, drop over a root lip onto an even steeper fall line that's probably a 60 degree slope. You wouldn't want to walk it. You know the type; so steep that they are off putting but in reality they are just a fast accelerating run of 10m or so. Now this bank means no more boring double wide through a local estate. Well until the powers that be stop it......

Indeed the new pathways have made the whole area new to me again. Today I was going to put my bike on the car and drive over to Ranmore, but with such fun to be had here why bother? I was so excited I've arranged a night ride with my neighbour to do it all over again.

The other thing that is good is not having to wear much or take spare clothing out. OK if you are out before 9am you may well end up riding in sub 5 degrees C temperatures, but if you leave it until a bit later then things are well into t-shirt and shorts weather. And this will be all that you need as a rider, even at a cafe stop. Indeed the other day at Box Hill I had to sit in the shade as it was too warm in the sun. Even then it was still hot. And one thing about wearing less and taking no spare clothing is that the Camelbak gets left behind entirely. I hate those things as they always come up at 4kg. Water bottle on the bike, keys in my pocket and away I go now. No punctures as yet......

It's bloody brilliant being a biker here in Surey right now.

p.s. It's bloody annoying though having a keyboard where the 'r' keeps sticking - I know "Surrey" has two r's in it, but my keyboard faffs it up each and every time!!