The Man Cave of a mountain biker.

I seem to own rather a lot of bikes, most of them very bad things indeed - that is unless I'm punting them on eBay in which they are fine examples of their age....

In truth I need to do something with this room. Five mountain bikes, two bmx bikes, two unicycles, a home made sledge and any number of rotting tyres - Panaracer's XCPro which I hate. Generally my bike choice is this; which one can I get to? Ah that'll be the Pace RC303 then and not the equally good Tassajara. My Orange Clockwork is the furthest away, and the least used which is a pity. 40,000+ miles and it gets left propped against a wall. Tut tut. Not shown is also another full suspension bike - a Californian Cheetah which rarely sees the light of day. It weighs over 40lb you see, and has a shock designed around the theory that with enough force a tree stump could be a shock, so why not make it solid? I may dig this bike out for you Dear Reader to look at in wonder. But for the time being here's my Man Cave. For the moment I can't actually get to it as there's another bike in the way.... And a pogo stick. And 47 old tins of highly explosive paint. And two defunct hoovers that one day I may repair. I've no idea why as neither cost more than £30 to begin with. Me? A slob?

Man Cave seen yesterday.