Pure Wet Lube from Weldtite

I was chatting with a guy from Halford's the other day; he'd recognised me from somewhere. Anyway he suggested giving the new Pure Wet Lube a go. It was new in and he'd never used it, but was keen to get a bit of local feedback. I was buying grease anyway, and my Squirt is running out [er, can they please change the name of that product!] so added this to my bill. Prepared to be unimpressed I gave it a go today instead of my normal Squirt wax lubricant. Initially I was indeed unimpressed as it seemed to wash off quickly. However conditions were bad so I put it down to that. But carrying on into the ride I forgot all about it, which usually means goodness is at work. My chain carried on working, it shifted well and didn't make those horrid noises that chains lubricated by water and sand do. My bike even cleaned up nicely afterwards.

I suspect most of it had washed off, but there seemed enough left after 20 miles of mud and water for it to continue to work. Bit early yet but after one ride I think this stuff may actually work. I'll keep you Dear Reader posted as to progress or non-progress.

Now you may, or may not, it's up to you, but you may be interested to know that this little bottle was the inspiration behind the wording for my Zombie t-shirt. In theory this product should be the inspiration behind a number of sex toys but no, not for me. I'm so straight laced that I produced some guff wording for a t-shirt instead. I may need therapy. Wonder if Pamela Stephenson is up for it?