Fame at last!

It would seem that my Orange volkswagen campervan t-shirt has been seen on the tv - in Spain of all places. My sister spotted it being worn by a builder on some renovation show. Funny where these things go isn't it? This is me in the Netherlands with my usual coffee and cake. This was taken two years ago and I've still got this t-shirt - these things age really well and personally I think it looks better now than when I first got it.

I've yet to make any money from the t-shirts, and would advise anybody doing it just to go into it for fun and, well, the creative fulfillment element. The few shows that I've done have resulted in people passing alarmingly positive comments about them. It's a fun thing to do.

Actually in one sense doing it for the fun is a bit lame. Where's the profit motive? Where's the bunce! But that's being a bit one dimensional, just looking at profit. I'd like to make oodles of money, true, but then it'd be a boring thing to do. Have you ever taken a table at a craft show? Then you've not experienced dire yet. 4 hours next to the wood turning guy, or woman who makes things out of material off cuts, or the person selling scented candles. Really nice people, but......