L'Etape du Surrey Hors Categorie t-shirt

Yet another original design t-shirt from Muddy Ground! This one was the result of a chat with Steve Taylor from the Redhill Cycling Club. He saw my Surrey mountains one for the mountain biker, and asked why I didn't do a roadie version? Frankly I had no answer other than plain ordinary ignorance. So from that chance conversation came this t-shirt. To me that's how life should work - chance events leading to fun results.

So here we have it; Hors du categorie for the famous Surrey hillclimbs. It's a subtle t-shirt but one that also manages to stand out from the crowd. I really like this one - thanks Steve! To be honest I think Steve's influence has resulted in a more adult orientated t-shirt than I normally do, and I quite like the "grownupness" of it. It's actually very professional looking as well, which really isn't me at all!