On buying a new bike.

I like to buy stuff as much as the next mountain biker. Boy do I love upgrades; new stem, new wheels, new forks. Been there, done that, will do it again. I'm always changing things. Yet of late I've not changed anything on my bikes. My Pace has been in the same form for 18 months. My underlying need is to change it, to buy something better, but I can't. It galls me to say it, but the bike as it is is better than me. It can outride me any day and I'll never ever get to the point where I've ridden outside of what it can do.

The bike has beaten me. But it's a 2007 vintage frame. It's old skool. A modern bike would be way better in every respect. Lighter, faster, better geometry, more reliable, everything. The magazines would have me change to a new Ragley - and boy would I. Like a shot. Give me a credit card now! Yet I can't justify it to myself. Around here, in Surrey, there's nothing my bike can't ride. I took it to Coed y Brenin and there was nothing there that my bike couldn't ride. In parts I was out of my depth but the bike got me through.

For now a new bike wouldn't add to my cycling arsenal. I've simply not got the skills set to justify buying a Ragley, even though the need for newness and the desire to build in me so wants me to.

.....but the Pace would be so much nicer with a lighter fork, a dropper post or 50mm stem. That's what the magazines need me to do.

I shall resist.

23/06.2011 16:20 update.

Wow! Getting some stick for not buying a Ragley. I'm resisting.... but quite possibly not for long. They just look so good.