Helix Pomatia - save our snails.

I posted on Cycle Chat that I tend to move distressed animals off the trailside when out mountain biking. Some I see are these rather large snails sitting on the footpath when out for a spin. They are about 5cm width and are off white in colour, so stand out. Somebody on the site suggested that I should collect and eat them, which seemed a spiffing good idea and would add another dimension [string theory again] to a ride. However, moi being moi I looked the blighters up - ignorant I am where animals are concerned. Turns out that they are Helix Pomatia and are a protected species so you can't collect and chomp away.

Things you learn from chat rooms. Fascinating little diversion that was.

Another fascinating thing today was that I popped into a cafe at random in Brixton and sitting there was a woman that I recognised from a course I did up in London some weeks back. OK that's not fascinating; Dear Reader, do you not have any patience? Huh. Turns out she works for Brand Guardians IP and they were responsible for the name Avensis in the Toyota line up. Again not that interesting, but who does AD work for eh? Small world this one.

And isn't it interesting that such small events fascinate and delight me. I still look back fondly at watching the test screen on tv for hours....