14th May kite flying in Brighton.

Initial lesson for kite surfing - hard bloomin' work!

This was a surprise birthday present from my wife. Off we went, down the coast from Brighton, kids in tow. Had to meet the instructor in a field on top of a hill for a two hour lesson in kite flying. Naturally we got there early so took the kids to the beach and had a mooch about. Really very pleasant down there, although a little cold in the wind. Had lunch of fish and chips from a Chinese. This was a little mad as they had a massive argument and it was a bit embarrassing to watch. I'd have left but I'd paid by then so had to watch it for ten minutes.

Ooops, sorry, kite flying. This was lesson one in kite surfing. Now I'm never going to go kite surfing am I? So I wasn't totally at ease with it all, but kite flying is kite flying, right? Should be easy. Now Dear Reader have you tried one of these new aerofoil kites? The big ones. No? Well from now on kite flying is not kite flying. These things are not the little Barnstormers you had as a kid. They are not even the £100 big boys you get in town. The kites we were using had enough power to lift me, a 13 stone man, into the air from a sitting position. Honest; I went from sitting to being a foot in the air and moving forwards from my start point.

This takes a lot of upper arm strength as you are just holding on to a metal bar. Even flying the thing took a lot of effort. Wife was a little moody with me afterwards as I didn't come away ecstatic about the event.

Kite flying is just kite flying. It's a bit, well, boring and I feel guilty knowing that it is very much a solo thing to do. I mean, my kids and wife were doing, and could do, nothing whilst I hung on to the thing. Bit boring for them, and I felt guilty at not being involved with either. What's the point of doing a solo activity with kids in tow?

Perhaps if I lived near a long beach and had one of those three wheeled devices they have.....

Oh and what did we have for our evening meal? Yes, fish and chips. Only place open where we were. Ever had fish and chips twice in one day? Nice at the time but you suffer gastrically the next day.