Lucky me - I'm going to get the Porsche Panamera after all! Got a jolly tax return for 400GBP.

Received an e-mail from the tax office stating that I'm going to get 400GBP tax return. How lucky is that! Could do with 400GBP to go towards my new Porsche [that I'm not getting]. All I have to do is fill in my bank details on-line....

Dear Applicant:

Under the last assessment, we investigated your payments for the last three
years and our calculations shows you made over payments of 439.43 GBP.

Due to the high volume of refunds you must complete the Tax Return Form
Please make sure you complete the form correctly.
There are now only a few cases where HMRC still allows you to send your
tax return on paper, instead of sending it online, without getting a penalty.
Please complete the Tax Return Form.


S. M. Roberts
Senior Manager

Certainly looks like an honest web site doesn't it?
Funny but the return path goes to Kuala Lumpar; why would my tax office be located there?

I smell a rat. Bugger; means no Porsche Panamera for me after all. Mind I'm not sure what bit of it I could have got for 400GBP - genuine PU leather key fob perhaps? I'd be like one of those really cool guys from the 70's who used to drive an Austin Maxi but attached the ignition key to a Porsche fob.

Gone off piste again. Sorry.

Hmmm, perhaps I should report this spam to the appropriate authorities?

By the way, don't click and paste the link! May be a virus with it. I've also removed the live links from the original e-mail so your pc will not get infected. ["Infected" has to be said in a Matrix manner.] May do some more playing with this e-mail when at work - see where it actually came from, that kind of thing.

04/02/2011: Well, the Kuala Lumpar address seems to be a blind run; they're hiding themselves well behind poor old Sage. However, entering incorrect details on to the form produces an error message and I should check that I've got the details right -please contact the original IP of This is getting there. Page appears to be located in Tokyo, Japan. I suspect that this also may be a bit off as this is registered to Cyberdine. Terminator anybody? Unfortunately the server is down on my normal web trace tool, so I'm a bit stuffed. Also trying to ping the route doesn't work for some reason, so back to square one really.

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Subject: Tax Return !
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