Surrey Hills guided mountain bike rides, and isn't the Porsche Panamera a fine car for potential long term testing by this blogger.

As they say in my favourite film Fargo: "I can't vouch for him!" I've no idea who these people are, but this seems a novel concept. Sure you could buy a map and find this stuff out for yourselves, but from experience of doing that on holidays, one day's paid guidance may well pay dividends in the long run in avoiding time wastage. Also, even though we are in Surrey and can see the heart of London from the tops, it's surprisingly easy to get disorientated and slightly lost here as quite a few of the rides twist and turn within the woods.

It's also interesting to note that a few mountain bike web pages and/or blogs are these days being sponsored by third party advertisers. This one seems harmless enough, but some of the others include articles written by the advertisers themselves. Personally for me that somehow degrades the overall content of the web site. But then perhaps I'm being a bit picky here; I still buy magazines and they are chock full of tat.


Anyway, over to Porsche for a truly fine article on the wonderful Panamera Turbo.... Hint, hint!

Image by kind permission of Porsche GB.... well it would be if I'd asked for it.