Things to do whilst children are at clubs? Go ride a bike.

My children are at that age now where they go to about a million clubs. Mostly they go by themselves, but sometimes us as parents have to take them. Now one night we are at cello. It's too close to drive, too far away to return home whilst he is there. So I sit outside, listening. The club provide no chairs for us parents, so we've been sitting on the floor.

Until recently.

I got bored of sitting in a corridor listening to yummy mummies. So I took a bike and hit the hill for 50 minutes. Well why not! Didn't set any fast times, indeed slipped down the charts a bit, yet 50 minutes on a bike is still 50 minutes on a bike!!

As you can see I've recently joined Strava. Still in two minds over it. Last night, in trying to beat my old time, I rode into a tree. Cut my arm, damaged my Garmin. Not sure I'd have damaged myself had I just gone for a bimble? Then again without the lure of beating an old time, I'd probably still be sitting in that corridor. It has its place then.