Somewhere different, somewhere the same. Pitch Hill content.

Tuesday comes around, PP free for a ride. Where to go? At random I suggested meeting up at Shere for a spin around Pitch Hill. I've ridden bits of it before; through it and over it towards Newland's Corner, or as part of the Peaslake MTBO. Yet I've never really ridden it as is. Today we'd not venture over to Holmbury or Leith. Give them a miss. Today we were going to learn Pitch.

That was the intention. For the first 90 minutes we bimbled around the woods, riding up fast flowing streams and into forestry workings. Boy that was muddy and hard going. Found some trails, didn't seem very impressive. Started to hint at going over to Leith. Got a tad bored up on the hill so followed one very wet trail down to Peaslake for a cheese straw. On the way down noted that the other riders were staying to the East of where we were, so after a brew that's where we headed.

Again we found stuff. Started to get more interesting, more singletrack with little berms. More interesting certainly, yet still not enough to warrant the effort of getting here. It was OK is all. In the end I stopped a local and asked him where the good stuff was. He suggested the trails we'd just ridden as being excellent. In particular one of his good ones was the rather dull trail we'd followed earlier down to Peaslake itself. In my head I begged to differ, but Hey! we're here so best make the most of it. Carried on riding a few more then spotted the same guy heading off down a trail so decided to follow him. He and his partner were on full sussers with knee pads. Must know something, surely.

Now I've no real idea where this trail is, or the name of it, so sorry to people wanting to find it. It was kind of near the top of Pitch Hill. At one point you have to negotiate what looks like a proto-jump; some logs and a tree on the trail. After that the trail winds its' way along the side of the hill, up and down tree roots. That was fun and I fell off more than once. At the 2/3 point it crosses a fire road. PP was ahead and I saw him jump a little bank. Naturally I did the same and from there on the trail was a joy. It turned down the hill via some berms.

First time down I was a bit all over the place, half a second behind the trail. PP was ahead, flying. He's a natural at this kind of stuff, class act. I hit the first berm, braked into the braking bumps. Sent me all over the place. Determined to miss them from then on, so stopped braking, stopped looking at my front wheel, simple. Both got to the bottom, big, big smiles. Now that is a great trail. PP suggested it was better than BKB or Yogurt Pots. Must say I agreed.

So we did it again. Don't normally do that; normally move on.

Second time around PP tried to head butt a tree; I got caught out on the same slippy tree root [noting how it was actually polished]; and we both did the little jump into the berms. This time around though the braking berms were still there, and by the simple expedient of not braking into them, things were fine. By the third one my front tyre was making little buzzing sounds as it slipped around. What utter fun. I was perhaps 1/4 second behind the trail now, so lots of little surprises that I should have noted prior.

Got to the bottom, high five's all around.

Pity we had to leave then to collect our children. Pity it took an hour to get there, it being all of fifteen miles in Surrey.

What a cracker of a trail though.