Track 40; Reigate to Sutton and back.

That was a long day. PP is sucking up routes like no man before, so I'm on my toes finding new variations, new curve balls for him.

Today was that old classic; Route 40 over at Banstead. It's a choppy ride, made worse in that it cuts across the North Downs rather than running parallel with them. There's no respite from the constant up and down. OK the hills are short, steep affairs but there seems to be a lot of them. By the time you get to Banstead a coffee is needed. The cafes, however, are not set up for cyclists and we had to leave ours lying on the floor in a blind person person unfriendly manner.

Track 40 was its' usual cool self. Each time I go it has morphed into something else. Few more little jumps, or new corners. Whatever happened to the big greasy climb though? PP started to pre-jump some of the dips, so I copied and that was fun. It's a great little place if you're in the area or fancy a change. It would be a great introduction to the sport for children as there is nothing lairy lying in wait.

The way back is either the same route in reverse, or dip over to Epsom. Well why not Epsom? Got a few hours to spare.

I'm guessing the "why not" is that the North Downs traverse that way involves bigger hills, and a rat route crossing of Epsom itself. There's no real reward in terms of pay-off downhills; it just seems to be climb, climb, climb. In near thirty degree heat the climbs were killers, yet we still managed getting on for thirty miles on big fat suspension bikes.

Walton cafe, near the duck pond. Coffee, tea, cake; £7 thanks. Ouch. The cake I got tasted of nothing of sugar. First taste and I thought I'd not finish it, it was that sweet. I've paid for it though, so finish it boy, finish it now! Five minutes later I was at PP to leave and get going! Come on man, move, cycle now!!

Half an hour later we were at a set of steps. Didn't want to do them, no way. PP naturally rode it first go. He then did the step down further on, first go. By then I was almost shaking and was ever so slightly depressed. Scared of my bike.

Took some time to realize that I was coming off a sugar rush big time. What was in that cake? Don't mind the cafe, but I'm not eating there again.

Had a banana, rode off to Reigate Park. Had a play in the skate park bit, which was fun. Totally rubbish but can see the appeal. Some youths watched us, then decided to show us how to do it. They were on a shared bike that looked like a Land Rover 30kg, £100 off eBay full suspension jobbie. They did the berm at speed, a few jumps and drops. no bother. I wasn't embarrassed; better than me at that stuff and I'm happy to learn.

Got home very, very hot but happy. The sugar rush thing spoilt a bit of my ride, true, so I'll not eat there again is all. The rest of it was good.